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Minor Problem

I have been doing some research and have encountered a small problem to do with our journey plans. BUT never fear because I continued with my research and came up with a few solutions:

(If this problem has already been discussed and solved without me knowing then just ignore this post!)

Problem: Getting to heathrow airport for 5.40 in the morning from Edgar's flat.

Reason this is a problem: The first tube in the morning is not until 5.40am, the time we have to be at the airport, and the journey is around 50mins.

Solution 1: We get the 5.40 tube and hope we can still check in on time (the riskiest option which may result with the holiday beginning extremely stressfuly)

Solution 2: We take the last tube (00.38) and camp out at the airport all night until our plane (probably the easiest option but will mean we will get very little sleep)

Solution 3: We get a complex assortment of night buses (probably about 3 or 4) and overground trains and which the quickest route is around 2 hours. (I fear this option could get very complicated especially as there is so many of us and we will have all our luggage)

Personally I would probably go for solution 2 because it is by far the simplest and even with solutions 1 or 3 we probably wouldn't get much sleep anyway! Also if we choose 2 and then miss it we would have the others as backup options.

What do the few people remaining in the country think? (or the people abroad if they can post!)

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