alice. (bruhly) wrote in ib_on_holiday,

Minor Problem

I have been doing some research and have encountered a small problem to do with our journey plans. BUT never fear because I continued with my research and came up with a few solutions:

(If this problem has already been discussed and solved without me knowing then just ignore this post!)

Problem: Getting to heathrow airport for 5.40 in the morning from Edgar's flat.

Reason this is a problem: The first tube in the morning is not until 5.40am, the time we have to be at the airport, and the journey is around 50mins.

Solution 1: We get the 5.40 tube and hope we can still check in on time (the riskiest option which may result with the holiday beginning extremely stressfuly)

Solution 2: We take the last tube (00.38) and camp out at the airport all night until our plane (probably the easiest option but will mean we will get very little sleep)

Solution 3: We get a complex assortment of night buses (probably about 3 or 4) and overground trains and which the quickest route is around 2 hours. (I fear this option could get very complicated especially as there is so many of us and we will have all our luggage)

Personally I would probably go for solution 2 because it is by far the simplest and even with solutions 1 or 3 we probably wouldn't get much sleep anyway! Also if we choose 2 and then miss it we would have the others as backup options.

What do the few people remaining in the country think? (or the people abroad if they can post!)

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Bless you Alice! I hadn't even thought of how we were getting to the airport. My vote is for solution 2 because it seems to be the least stressful start to our holiday. The lack of sleep isn't much of an issue as I doubt we would get much sleep anyway. I don't mind camping out in the airport. It could actually be quite fun! Are you sure the airport is open to the public at all times though? If it, is I think solution 2 is by far the best option.

See you soon!
I agree.
why could we not use taxis?
also what time do we need to catch the flight because i thought as we had booked on line we could check in online and therefore avoid the queueing not needing to be there so early
That would be great if we didn't have to be there early because we could just get the first tube at 5.40. Yay hopefully we can do that! Taxis are a posibility but it is a v. long way so would be v.expensive. plus we would have to book those no? even in london they dont have loads of them driving around at 5 in the morning do they?
hehe that is true, i forgot we were at standstard. or however you spell it! im pretty sure we can check in online but i guess we should make sure, meredith and bryn will know wont they? that would be a lot nicer if we could do that!


July 29 2006, 19:06:50 UTC 11 years ago

I thought we could checkin online (question mark)
I don't think you can check in online if you have baggage cause obviously you have to still check your luggage in which means queuing up?

Though that's just easyjet so I don't know


July 30 2006, 14:26:12 UTC 11 years ago

Your flight is from Heathrow. Not Stansted.

Ever thought about the Heathrow Express - first train 5:10am from Paddington, so a cheaper taxi to there.

Online Checkin- you can do it with bags just need to go to a different counter to drop these off. (hopefully with a shorter queue). Advantage is that you are checked in so the plane is less likely to go without you. No need to get to the airport so early in this case.

yup thats what i thought, my flight with easy jet lets me check in on line, with baggage it makes it quicker nd queue less. no chance we can print off the boarding pass is there?
I think we should just get the Heathrow Express...although camping at the airport might be a laff! I´m sure that we can check in online, although I´m not quite sure what that means. I know that it definitely involves printing our boarding passes. What we then do about our luggage I´m not sure. I think there are quicker desks for those who are just dumping bags and not checking in. Research is advisable?
I'm not sure I trust online check in. But if you're sure we can do it, then o.k it does mean less time pressure.