Hannah (colombina24) wrote in ib_on_holiday,


Bon jour!

I have just spent basically the whole day making a comprehensive table of our accommodation in Europe. It was so fun! I am a very sad person. :) I will send it to everyone even though it is an Easties Accommodation dossier.

In other news, I have rediscovered my love of food in my mother's absence. I made the nicest pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce, and parsley and garlic. It was sooo good. Today I picked our crop of red currants and golden raspberries. I ate them with loads of whipped cream. It was like fantastic sex (or the way I imagine fantastic sex would be) but with food.

I got my national insurance number today! I have been trying to do this since the beginning of April, so this is a great achievement. It actually means I can get my student loan. It's all coming together. Right before Europe. I also bought my travel insurance from the fantastic website Tara gave me. It only cost £26.20. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't gotten their insurance yet. The website is www.primaryinsurance.co.uk.

See you soon!
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