I am bottled fizzy water (notinmykettle) wrote in ib_on_holiday,
I am bottled fizzy water

Hello y'all, today is day....3? of the holiday, lol this morning we thought it was our last day in estonia and that we'd have to get the ferry tomorrow but it turns out we forgot a day so we're not leaving here till monday! we had many laughs.

Today we planned to get up early and go get some culture, but then i had a bath, lasting approx 45 mins, and then we watched mtv.... so we didnt get into town until about half 12 and then we spend fun time climbing up many slopes and stairs to see the castle and alexander nevsky's catherdraly thingy (it was really pretty and full of gold), but then we were tired, so we went to the cinema to seee superman (which i thought was a bit disappointing cuz, it was crap) anyway now we are here, (its funny we have been on the internet almost everyday, and when we're not posting on here and emailing, we're txting and calling home, so much for breaking away from all ties and all that. Also ive already spend way more money than i thought i would so i hope you are all prepared for unavoidable over-spendage, we're tourists, is cant be helped!

I hope you're all having fun at home, cant wait to see you all in sweden, and.....hmm, well, hmmmmmm, ok i have nothing else to say, ooh i have funky sunglasses! ok im done

tataa from tara and christine!!!
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