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Easties Nationwide Account

I have been trying to sort out a more detailed budget for the Easties leg and was slightly confused. Bryn says we have 16 days as Eastie while the itinerary only shows 13. Our whole trip, according to the itinerary, is 36 days long including the night at Edgar's and the day of return where we go to Harwich. As Alice's account was designed for the 23 days we will be together, the Easties account will be for the 13 days we will be in Krakow, Romania, Budapest and Vienna.

Accommodation- £135

Food- This is more complicated. Bryn was budgeting about £10 a day which is going to be a lot for Romania but maybe not enough for Vienna or Krakow. We are probably going out for dinner quite a lot in Budapest, Krakow and Vienna, so I think we should budget about £50 for that. These places are full of cafés as well and I think we should budget £3 for each day for this (not including Romania- 9 days). I think an additional £20 each for groceries and take-away meals should be enough. I think we should round this up to £100.

Culture- The entrance to most museums, churches, etc. is around £3 and I think our average will be about two paying places a day in each place outside Romania. I think £40 should definitely cover it.

Transport- Quite cheap in most places. I think the cost in Romania would be negligible but I'll include £3 each just in case. Krakow is fairly small but a taxi across town only costs about £5 anyways. In Vienna the plan is to get an 8-day travel card that can be shared between everyone. They cost £15, which would amount to about 2 per person per day. We could buy single journey tickets of 95 p for the remaining people and other days. These can be used on buses, trains, etc. We're obviously including the cost of the hydrofoil here too (£55). Budapest is a big place so I think we should have a healthy travel budget for this part of the trip. My guess would be about £75 altogether.

This adds up to £350. I think I have over-estimated the cost for most things, but it’s best to have some money left over as costs we couldn’t anticipate could come up. I think having a bit of emergency money in case of stolen passports or other such things is probably a good thing. I welcome any guidance on the prices. Maybe people who have been to any of these places could tell me whether the estimations are OK? I feel like I have been neglecting Romania, budget-wise but I don't really know what we will be doing there. My impression was that we would do more nature stuff than actually spending money.

Hope to see everyone soon (at my party!)
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I'm not sure about Vienna and Krakow, but I do know that last time I was in Budapest eating out was expensive...but we must do it , we can't leave Hungary without eating goulash. However we should avoid the river front area and anywhere in the vacinity of the fisherman's bastion-these are pricey and look for some more off the beaten track places. £50 may be a tight squeeze for all three places but if we choose restaurants and cafe's carefully then we can probably do it. With regards to Romania I think we will find everything noticeably less expensive then everywhere else so I don't think we need worry. It might be worth getting all day travel passes in cities. NEVER take a taxi in Budapest

On the whole, the budget looks fine, i'd fearfully anticipated it being £380 again