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Hello fellow explorers!

As I am 18 on Saturday (finally!) I am entitled to open a bank account with a proper debit card for use in Europe (the joint account thing where we all put money). SO I am just checking that everyone is ok with this idea before I go ahead and open it. I am confident that it is the best way of doing things as it will save confusion and unfairness whilst we are there but is everyone going to be able to give me the money?

The amount I have worked out everyone will have to put in is £380 which covers all expenses for the time that Easties and Westies are all together (excluding alcohol money). This breaks down as:

Hostels (for Sweden, Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam): £120
Food (23 days @ £10 per day in some places £5 or £8 in others): £180
Culture: £40
Extras (ferry back to Amsterdam): £40

Although this may seem like a lot of money it does cover over half of the holiday and means we won’t constantly be splitting bills. And if you can’t afford this then you can’t really afford the holiday at all I suppose!

So please could everyone reply to this post to tell me if they are ok with the idea and the price and any suggestions to lower it if you are not happy! Sorry for being so bossy and demanding!

Ooo and Tara and Marie what do you want to do? I suggest you contribute about £30/£35 towards it which will cover the food for Sweden then we can bulk buy and you won’t have to buy all your food separately! It’s up to you though…

See you soon hopefully! xxxx
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