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Hello from Venice!!
Its so nice and sunny here, our hostel is really far out and is actually a campsite but we are staying in these cabin things which look really crazy. I love Venice so much and the ping rating is really high! I'm not so sure about the three guys who were in our couchette on the way though, they were quite ugly and were looking at brochures for strip clubs.

Hey there, Kam here, I've decided to steal some of Claire's post, just because I'm lazy. The three men were indeed quite disgusting, they smelled of 1. man and 2. cigars. These two must be added to my top 10 hated smells, remind me when I'm compiling them will you?

In my top ten favourite sensations 'cleanliness' must be added. It was a bit of a drag trying to find our campsite/hostel but when we arrived the weakish showers were a godsend after being engulfed in cigars and man smell for about 14 hours! In other news, as claire has said, Venice is beautiful. No it was a fun journey really, we compiled our You can definately tell why it is a touristy town when the canals look so beautiful and the streets are so small and inviting. I like it a lot. Tomorrow we are off on a mamoth tour of it, the tour was compiled by Alice Claire and I for just those same very people. We have a route planned and everything and it should be great in the sunny weather wandering the small streets without the risk of knocking out old people in Prada with our massive bags!

Anyway, enough about me and my fellow travellers. I want to hear how Krakow is? Give me the low down as'twere. Hope you are enjoying it to the max {as well as hannah's amazing cooking....*growl*} and the weather is nice {how very english}.

Miss you and love you lots guys.

fairwell for now and bon voyage on your journeys.
love me, Claire and Alice.
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