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Ibers On Holiday's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ibers On Holiday

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[20 Sep 2006|06:24pm]

After a discussion today where a new community for us IBers was mentioned I went ahead and created it!

Behold the new community for our trials and tribulations...


It's probably not that needed as we all read each others journals but sometimes it's a little easier to post in one place! So it's there if you need it!
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[14 Sep 2006|02:26pm]


I (very luckily) have not yet sunk into the deep depression I thought I would although I am very sad to not be with everyone anymore. I hope no one else has in my place. Instead I have preoccupied myself with creating a new photo bucket account and putting my photos on it ( I invite Claire, Kam and Meredith? to do the same VERY SOON!) The name of it is Ibonholiday and the password is ibers! I love photos!

Hopefully everyone has a nice sleep and the tattoo/ haircut reactions went well?

See everyone soon and don't forget to upload those photos! xxx
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[25 Aug 2006|09:17pm]

Hello from Venice!!
Its so nice and sunny here, our hostel is really far out and is actually a campsite but we are staying in these cabin things which look really crazy. I love Venice so much and the ping rating is really high! I'm not so sure about the three guys who were in our couchette on the way though, they were quite ugly and were looking at brochures for strip clubs.

Hey there, Kam here, I've decided to steal some of Claire's post, just because I'm lazy. The three men were indeed quite disgusting, they smelled of 1. man and 2. cigars. These two must be added to my top 10 hated smells, remind me when I'm compiling them will you?

In my top ten favourite sensations 'cleanliness' must be added. It was a bit of a drag trying to find our campsite/hostel but when we arrived the weakish showers were a godsend after being engulfed in cigars and man smell for about 14 hours! In other news, as claire has said, Venice is beautiful. No it was a fun journey really, we compiled our You can definately tell why it is a touristy town when the canals look so beautiful and the streets are so small and inviting. I like it a lot. Tomorrow we are off on a mamoth tour of it, the tour was compiled by Alice Claire and I for just those same very people. We have a route planned and everything and it should be great in the sunny weather wandering the small streets without the risk of knocking out old people in Prada with our massive bags!

Anyway, enough about me and my fellow travellers. I want to hear how Krakow is? Give me the low down as'twere. Hope you are enjoying it to the max {as well as hannah's amazing cooking....*growl*} and the weather is nice {how very english}.

Miss you and love you lots guys.

fairwell for now and bon voyage on your journeys.
love me, Claire and Alice.
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[07 Aug 2006|11:40pm]

Did we ever buy one of those Thomas Cook European rail timetables? We really should get one...

Should I buy one tomorrow in London?

Something else not to forget: TOP UP YOUR PHONE! Did we ever compile a list of everyone's contact details? I guess we can do it tomorrow at Edgar's. Anyhoo, see you tomorrow!!!

On Holiday

[07 Aug 2006|07:02pm]

OOOH! It's so ludicrously soon now!

How's the packing going? Mine's rather a disaster at the moment, but I'm sure it will all fall into place...

I was just speaking to Andy and he had a GREAT time....so let's be hopeful!!!

In terms of usefulness: I have train tickets for me and Edgar for the 1330 from Ipswich. It turns out that loads of other people are now coming scattered across the day. We technically have seats reserved but I'm sure we can just sit with Carmelle. Carmelle, we'll see you at Colchester!

I'm sure there were lots of other things I mean to say but I really cannot remember them. I'll just go now. See you all tomorrow!


Oh yeah, one of the things was that the money from me and Hannah still hasn't gone into the Nationwide account but I'm sure it will do at some point. Money for Alice still doesn't seem to have left my account either. Yay. Banks. *rolls eyes*
On Holiday

[07 Aug 2006|04:05pm]

Just to confirm we can get the tube directly from Holborn Station to Heathrow on the paccadilly line at 5.40 in the morning for £3.00 which seems to be to be the best option.

Here is the link to prove it!:

Btw Bryn, are you printing off our bording passes before we go tomorrow morning?

See people TOMORROW!
On Holiday

Music makes the people come together! [07 Aug 2006|02:45pm]

Hello everyone.

I know this is short notice and I really should have thought about it sooner but I forgot, with all the finance arrangements and everything..

Anyway, I was wondering if everyone could bring at least 1 CD or CD mix. I am bringing my CD player and some CDs and my small speakers but it would be rubbish if I was the only one with music. So can everyone try and whip up a MIX of two tonight and carry it with them?

That would be cool.

Thanks mucho

later day(s)
love me
4 Ibers |On Holiday

[06 Aug 2006|12:56pm]


Should we book the tickets to London as a group or individually? The £5 tickets are available on the service that leaves Ipswich at 1330 and Colchester 20mins later. If we go later then it will cost £10.

Since I will be going via Colchester station en route chez Hannah, I could make a booking then...but I dunno if I'd have to pay up front. Hmm. And I don't know how many people I'd be booking for. And what would I pay with?

Well, I've totally talked myself out of it now! I'll just get one for me. Or is it too early in the day? But it is £5 cheaper. Oh dear, I really don't know!

I'll go have a shower. That will help.

See you all later! xxx
On Holiday

[04 Aug 2006|06:55pm]

I have some more questions because I might start to get organized soon! Am I supposed to have booked my train ticket from Stockholm to Edgar's house? Has the ferry home (its really sad and I'm sorry to bring it up!) been booked? Also for the westies we still need to book the train from Prague to Venice - do you think the Italians will be organized yet?!!! I also think night trains have to be booked, if that's how we're getting from Barcelona to the Dordogne. ok that's it, for now!
1 Iber |On Holiday

[04 Aug 2006|06:57pm]

Small Problem - I have no idea how do get to any of the appartments we are staying at in Paris and, slightly more worryingly, it appears neither do the people who own them. Any ideas what to do?
3 Ibers |On Holiday

[04 Aug 2006|12:00pm]

hello I have two things to say. The first is about the checking-in on-line, I don't know if anything more has been done since alice;s post but I've been on the BA website and found some helpful information so I thought I'd post the link: http://www.britishairways.com/travel/managebooking/public/en_gb?prim=onlinecheckin
there's a blue box that says 'learn more about our tools that make travel easier'. The 'how to save time at the airport', there are three sections from which you can learn about what we have to do.
Secondly do I or do I not take my straighteners? I tried not using them for a bit while I was away but it didn't go so well, however I don't want to loose them because I'm pathetic enough to not be able to live without them and I probably won't have the time or money to buy new ones so I don't know what to do. I'm sorry for my vanity - I've never realized how vain I actually am!
3 Ibers |On Holiday

[30 Jul 2006|05:03pm]

Hello again, i know you thought sending us to estonia would shut us up, but no! nothing will shut me up!!!!!!! mwohahahaha, ok whats happened now is last night on the way home, i got egged! it was gross and i had to wash my heavy will-never-dry jacket. This morning we went to a pancake house! wootness, it was called kompressor, i know weird nuh? and then..... oh this is what will make Kam really really really jealous, we went to a monastery and met a really nice nun who gave us a huge discount of about 70 EEK!, there were loads of old books and areas of serenity and holiness that enlightened us with goodness and stuff, well i liked it anyway, then...... when went to a cake place, the cake was goooood, tonight we're cooking for ourselves, pasta it is! and probably, hmm we'll prob watch more mtv!!! yay! there was this show the other day about people and their show dogs and there was the cutest gay couple that were arguing about the dogs and money and one wouldnt give the other his dog back cuz they were arguing so he called the police! then the show ended so we'll never know what happened....ooh and we went to an 'aura' shop with crystals and the like and it was playing pulp in the background! i feel so far from home, lol.

Ok that'll do for today, my time is running out, so ttfn from tara and christiiiiine!
On Holiday

[29 Jul 2006|06:43pm]

Hello y'all, today is day....3? of the holiday, lol this morning we thought it was our last day in estonia and that we'd have to get the ferry tomorrow but it turns out we forgot a day so we're not leaving here till monday! we had many laughs.

Today we planned to get up early and go get some culture, but then i had a bath, lasting approx 45 mins, and then we watched mtv.... so we didnt get into town until about half 12 and then we spend fun time climbing up many slopes and stairs to see the castle and alexander nevsky's catherdraly thingy (it was really pretty and full of gold), but then we were tired, so we went to the cinema to seee superman (which i thought was a bit disappointing cuz, it was crap) anyway now we are here, (its funny we have been on the internet almost everyday, and when we're not posting on here and emailing, we're txting and calling home, so much for breaking away from all ties and all that. Also ive already spend way more money than i thought i would so i hope you are all prepared for unavoidable over-spendage, we're tourists, is cant be helped!

I hope you're all having fun at home, cant wait to see you all in sweden, and.....hmm, well, hmmmmmm, ok i have nothing else to say, ooh i have funky sunglasses! ok im done

tataa from tara and christine!!!
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Minor Problem [28 Jul 2006|02:17pm]

I have been doing some research and have encountered a small problem to do with our journey plans. BUT never fear because I continued with my research and came up with a few solutions:

(If this problem has already been discussed and solved without me knowing then just ignore this post!)

Problem: Getting to heathrow airport for 5.40 in the morning from Edgar's flat.

Reason this is a problem: The first tube in the morning is not until 5.40am, the time we have to be at the airport, and the journey is around 50mins.

Solution 1: We get the 5.40 tube and hope we can still check in on time (the riskiest option which may result with the holiday beginning extremely stressfuly)

Solution 2: We take the last tube (00.38) and camp out at the airport all night until our plane (probably the easiest option but will mean we will get very little sleep)

Solution 3: We get a complex assortment of night buses (probably about 3 or 4) and overground trains and which the quickest route is around 2 hours. (I fear this option could get very complicated especially as there is so many of us and we will have all our luggage)

Personally I would probably go for solution 2 because it is by far the simplest and even with solutions 1 or 3 we probably wouldn't get much sleep anyway! Also if we choose 2 and then miss it we would have the others as backup options.

What do the few people remaining in the country think? (or the people abroad if they can post!)

12 Ibers |On Holiday

Day two in Estonia [28 Jul 2006|02:17pm]

Hello from Tara and Christine.

We have a huge apartment and a lovely bath! There is a shopping centre called Kristiine and yesterday we went to Toscana and there was stinging nettle cream! We had the best pasta ever and Tara had chesnut pudding which was scrum!

It's also not hot - yay! We've spent lots and lots of money...oh dear! Also there are disfigured hands on many lamposts! Why!?!?!

We went to a torture museum, it was interesting...(Christine: ewwww) and we saw live spiders and scorpions (Christine - EWWWWWWWWWW)
1 Iber |On Holiday

STUFF [24 Jul 2006|07:49pm]

Bon jour!

I have just spent basically the whole day making a comprehensive table of our accommodation in Europe. It was so fun! I am a very sad person. :) I will send it to everyone even though it is an Easties Accommodation dossier.

In other news, I have rediscovered my love of food in my mother's absence. I made the nicest pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce, and parsley and garlic. It was sooo good. Today I picked our crop of red currants and golden raspberries. I ate them with loads of whipped cream. It was like fantastic sex (or the way I imagine fantastic sex would be) but with food.

I got my national insurance number today! I have been trying to do this since the beginning of April, so this is a great achievement. It actually means I can get my student loan. It's all coming together. Right before Europe. I also bought my travel insurance from the fantastic website Tara gave me. It only cost £26.20. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't gotten their insurance yet. The website is www.primaryinsurance.co.uk.

See you soon!
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[19 Jul 2006|09:31am]

hello! My parents keep telling me that I need a currency other than the euro for Prague - I thought that the CR was part of the Euro - so an someone please confirm whether I'm right or wrong. Further on the subject of money - what are we doing about kronor? Because most of the stuff is beingp aid for through the joint account.
3 Ibers |On Holiday

[18 Jul 2006|10:28am]

This site is very good to find out places to go/eat and things to watch out for in assorted European countries.


I've been having fun reading scary pickpocket stories!
On Holiday

Easties Nationwide Account [17 Jul 2006|09:05am]

I have been trying to sort out a more detailed budget for the Easties leg and was slightly confused. Bryn says we have 16 days as Eastie while the itinerary only shows 13. Our whole trip, according to the itinerary, is 36 days long including the night at Edgar's and the day of return where we go to Harwich. As Alice's account was designed for the 23 days we will be together, the Easties account will be for the 13 days we will be in Krakow, Romania, Budapest and Vienna.

Read more...Collapse )

Hope to see everyone soon (at my party!)
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[13 Jul 2006|12:06pm]

Hello fellow explorers!

As I am 18 on Saturday (finally!) I am entitled to open a bank account with a proper debit card for use in Europe (the joint account thing where we all put money). SO I am just checking that everyone is ok with this idea before I go ahead and open it. I am confident that it is the best way of doing things as it will save confusion and unfairness whilst we are there but is everyone going to be able to give me the money?

The amount I have worked out everyone will have to put in is £380 which covers all expenses for the time that Easties and Westies are all together (excluding alcohol money). This breaks down as:

Hostels (for Sweden, Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam): £120
Food (23 days @ £10 per day in some places £5 or £8 in others): £180
Culture: £40
Extras (ferry back to Amsterdam): £40

Although this may seem like a lot of money it does cover over half of the holiday and means we won’t constantly be splitting bills. And if you can’t afford this then you can’t really afford the holiday at all I suppose!

So please could everyone reply to this post to tell me if they are ok with the idea and the price and any suggestions to lower it if you are not happy! Sorry for being so bossy and demanding!

Ooo and Tara and Marie what do you want to do? I suggest you contribute about £30/£35 towards it which will cover the food for Sweden then we can bulk buy and you won’t have to buy all your food separately! It’s up to you though…

See you soon hopefully! xxxx
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